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Ancient whole genome enrichment using baits built from modern DNA

Study validating the use of reference-free bait synthesis for whole-genome enrichment.

Feb 26, 2014

Authors: Jacob Enk, Alison Devault, Melanie Kuch, Yusuf Murgha, Jean-Marie Rouillard, and Hendrik Poinar

Molecular Biology and Evolution, February 13, 2014. DOI:


We report metrics from complete genome capture of nuclear DNA from extinct mammoths using biotinylated RNAs transcribed from an Asian elephant DNA extract. Enrichment of the nuclear genome ranged from 1.06- to 18.65-fold, to an apparent maximum threshold of about 80% on-target. This projects an order of magnitude less costly complete genome sequencing from long-dead organisms, even when a reference genome is unavailable for bait design.

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